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30 Facts About Everyday Objects You Never Fully Realized

By psquared - March 12, 2019
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Modern life is full of all sorts of conveniences. But did you know that many of these conveniences are even more convenient than you realized? Don't be afraid to lead the best possible life you can: these were made to make your life easier, so take advantage of it. What are we talking about? Well, it turns out that there are many items that you may use each and every day. And despite how common they are and how often they're used, you might not be using them correctly at all! We're not insulting your intelligence. We had no idea about this either until recently. We're just here to inform. If only there was a giant handbook on life that let us know how much time and frustration we could have saved if only we knew the proper way to use all these objects. Check it out, and leave more conveniently than ever.

Aluminum Foil

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Aluminum foil and plastic wrap are true miracles and lifesavers when it comes to cooking.

But when was the last time you looked carefully at the box they came in? Probably never, so you may have missed this.

On the sides of each box are triangular tabs you can push into the box that stay attached. They’re used to hold the rolls in place, keeping them steady so you have an even easier time accessing those handy sheets inside.

Gas Gauge

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Your gas gauge is more helpful than you already know. And that’s truly saying something.

This little tool lets you know when you’re going to need to fill up so you don’t end up stranded alongside some highway.

But when you’re filling up in a new or rental car you’re unfamiliar with, you don’t always know what side of the car the fuel tank is on. That’s where the gas gauge gets extra useful. Most have an arrow alerting you to what side they’re on!

Gas Cap Cover

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Speaking of your fuel tank and filling up, here’s a trick you can take advantage of from now on.

Most cars have a gas cap, and most have a gas cap cover. These were designed to accommodate each other.

You may have noticed that your gas cap cover has a notch built into it. Boy, wouldn’t it be something if your gas cap fit neatly into it so you wouldn’t have to leave it to awkwardly dangle? Well… there you go.

Bobby Pins

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Imagine trying to style your hair without using bobby pins. That’s be a nightmare, right?

While bobby pins are useful and certainly appreciated, they do have an annoying habit of falling out frequently. Eh, nothing can be perfect, right?

Actually, the reason they’re falling out might be because you’re placing them in upside down. Try placing the bumpy side against your head. By doing this, it allows them to get a much firmer grip on your hair, so they won’t fall out.


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Have you ever wondered what this chunky bit on your cables was supposed to be used for?

Is it even supposed to be used at all? Is this some sort of strange decoration? Because it’s not very aesthetically pleasing.

It actually has a name and a purpose. This is a “ferrite bead.” Without one, your cables can act as antennas, broadcasting or picking up electrical interference. This cylinder prevents that from happening. So, uh… sorry for calling them not aesthetically pleasing.

Half Belts

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If you have a heavy, sturdy jacket, you may have noticed one of these… things on the back of it.

These… things are called “half belts.” They first appeared on jackets and coats in the military centuries ago.

At that time, greatcoats were immensely wide and had to be tailored with pieces of cloth on them. At night, half belts could be unstrapped and the greatcoat could be used as a blanket. Times have changed, but half belts still remain. Too bad our jackets still can’t be converted so easily to cozy blankets.

The Frit Band And Dots

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Have you ever noticed those series of dots at the top of your windshield in your car?

It’s a baked-in ceramic paint called the frit band and dots. It looks kind of like the dots you saw that made up art in old-timey comics.

These serve a lot of uses. They protect the urethane sealant that holds the glass in place from ultraviolet rays, conceals the dirt that gathers along the edges of the glass and create a more even temperature distribution during the manufacturing of windshields.


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Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, but did you know they also make you instantly look 46% cooler?

Okay, you probably all knew that. But sunglasses weren’t initially created to protect from the sun directly.

Dark glasses were invented by Arctic people to protect their eyes from the sun reflecting off the snow. In addition, sunglasses were used in 12th century China by judges in order to hide their real emotions from witnesses. Sadly, you can’t wear them in court today.


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Fruit is good for you. Make sure you eat plenty of it. This hopefully isn’t new information for you.

If you’ve ever eaten fruit, you’ve surely noticed stickers on them. Do your best to not eat these, as they’re not as nutritious.

The stickers mark the country and the producer, but what about the numbers? If there are 4 digits and the first is 4, it means that the fruit has been sprayed with pesticides. If there are 5 digits and the first is 9, the fruit has been grown organically. If there are 5 digits and the first is 8, the fruit has been genetically modified.


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You know how a lot of trademark logos have a little tiny ‘R’ with a circle around it next to them?

It looks like this “®.” That’s not there to let you know your snack isn’t PG-13 and actually contains extra swearing and some nudity.

That little symbol lets you know that trademark logo is registered with the US Patent & Trademark Office. Basically, this registration gives the trademark owner not just the right to use “®on their products but also to sue anybody who tries to infringe on the trademark.