Animals Who Had Only One Job

By psquared - March 11, 2019
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Animals are the best, aren't they? Whenever you're feeling down and want to lift your spirits or even when you're already in a great mood and just want to expand the good time, cute, cuddly creatures are exactly what you need to see. Thank goodness for the internet, because it's absolutely stuffed with pictures of adorable critters of all sorts. Besides being cute, animals can be quite awesome, can't they? Nature is pretty amazing, and seeing its animals in their habitat can be truly awe-inspiring. However, not all animals are majestic.Like humans, there are some that are truly exceptional, and many, many more that are total derps in all sorts of manners. However, that only makes us love them even more. The animals you're about to see had only one job, and failed spectacularly at it. But that just makes them relatable. As if you couldn't love them any more, you can now look at these furry friends and think, "Yeah... same."

My Diet Starts Tomorrow

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In nature, you never know where your next meal is coming from. It can be quite brutal.

But when you’re someone’s pet and have a feeder that you can get snacks from at any time? Well, it’s easy to overindulge.

This poor hamster got so plump that it’s having a hard time squeezing itself through the tunnels. It’s okay, little guy. We still love you. Plus, you have plenty of time to get back in shape before beach season.

Little Help, Please?

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Yeah, it’s easy to eat too much when the food is plentiful and given to you by your human.

But sometimes in nature you can get lucky and gorge yourself on all sorts of tasty treats as well.

When that happens, it can lead to trouble. Hopefully someone comes along and helps them out before a predator gets to them. Then again, the predator might not be able to eat them because they’re too busy laughing at how ridiculous this is.

How Graceful

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Pandas are some of the most majestic creatures on the planet to behold in person.

They’re black, they’re white, they’re technically not bears. What’s not to love? Plus, they’re rare to see since they’re all so endangered.

After seeing this picture, it’s easy to see why. Sure, they’re big and kinda scary if you see them up close, but when you take a step back… not so much. Add “being clumsy” to the list of well known panda traits.

Starting At A Young Age

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You see? Pandas love bamboo, know kung fu if you believe certain movies and are clumsy.

Nobody likes seeing an animal hurt themselves. But watching an animal fall like an absolute goof then get right back up again?

There’s nothing better in life. Nothing cuter in life, either. Look at all of that panda’s brothers and sisters just napping and not paying any attention like they’re thinking, “Yeah, that’s Barry. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. That’s what he does.”

Bird Blunder

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Pandas aren’t nature’s only klutzes. Take a look at this bird gracefully face planting on the stairs.

Maybe this isn’t the bird’s fault. You know how some birds like to copy sounds from other creatures around it?

Maybe this one likes to copy physical actions. And maybe its owner is a panda. Daw, wouldn’t that be cute? Unlikely animal friends are the best, especially when they try to copy each other… for better or even for painful, embarrassing worse.

Nom Denied

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In nature, it’s either eat or be eaten. This manatee learned that lesson the hard way.

Well, maybe not the hard way. That would involve being devoured by a shark or some other terrifying, carnivorous beast of the open water.

This manatee is being devoured by the lettuce that was supposed to be its lunch. There are worse things in the world. This might even be nice. Imagine having your face covered in cake. Doesn’t that sound sweet and comforting?

Eating Is Apparently Difficult

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Well, it looks like having lunch causes more trouble than you would initially have thought.

This poor pigeon has so much extra tasty bread wrapped around its neck, unable to be enjoyed and savored as a meal.

Then again, maybe this is intentional. Perhaps like many of us when we were young, it doesn’t like the crust. Or better yet, maybe it’s a status symbol. Maybe this is a rapper pigeon, and that’s the equivalent of a platinum necklace.

Eat This

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You know how some animals eat other animals in nature? It’s a harsh reality, but one we must accept.

However, not all animals that are eaten go so quietly. This skunk was having none of this fox’s menu browsing.

That poor fox is supposed to be sly, cunning and clever. Yet, when it comes home with an empty stomach and all its fox friends ask what that smell is, all he can say is, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Not Today, You Feathered Fiend!

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Being a bird seems nice, doesn’t it? You get to fly and ruin Confederate statues every time you use the bathroom.

However, it’s not all fun. Sometimes your lunch doesn’t let you eat it, or anything else ever again.

They say the early bird catches the worm, but ain’t no bird gonna catch this snake. This bird stays hungry and the snake gets free air travel. That’s as big of a fail to win ratio anyone’s ever seen in a meal.

Got Your Nose!

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You may not think it because they’re so adorable, but cats are absolute nightmare killing machines.

Well… most of them are, anyway. This one apparently didn’t get the memo that it had millions of years of predator instincts wired into its DNA.

It wanted to bat at this lizard, but the lizard was having none of it. It’s like the lizard was having a bad week and this was the last straw before it absolutely snapped and fought back.