Facts About Brie Larson That Make Her Even More Marvelous

By psquared - March 13, 2019
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Who doesn't love the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Seriously, who doesn't, because these films make so much money it almost stands to reason that every living human is obsessed with them. Waiting for the next installments in the unfolding saga based on the comic books has become a way of life. The Avengers have become more iconic than just about any other group in media. And recently, we were introduced to the most powerful hero in the MCU, Captain Marvel. This character was brought to the screen by Brie Larson. This movie was not only awesome, it also broke a ton of box office records and made approximately all of the money. A big driving force behind its success is the portrayal by Larson. She isn't an overnight success, though. She's more of a several-decade-overnight success. Whether you've been following her career for years or just became acquainted with her as Carol Danvers, there's a lot of marvelous (see what we did there?) facts about this talented actress.


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Larson doesn’t just act because she wants to be rich and famous. Those are obviously nice, but it’s not her main goal.

So what exactly does she want to accomplish through all of her artistic endeavors and creative pursuits?

She wants to “change people’s opinions,” specifically concerning social and political topics. While not all of her roles may fit this mold, all her more current roles line up with this goal. Captain Marvel is Marvel’s first standalone female hero movie and will be the new focus of the brand moving forward, which is a major shift.

She Began Acting When She Was Seven

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Remember how we called her a several decade overnight sensation? We weren’t exaggerating in the slightest.

Brie Larson began acting when she was only seven years old. But she wasn’t a child star by any stretch of the imagination.

She faced a string of rejections over the span of a decade. She says this was due to her looks and casting directors not knowing what to do with her. As she puts it, “[I] wasn’t pretty enough to be the popular girl, I wasn’t mousy enough to be the mousy girl.”


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Larson learned a lot about what casting directors think and go through after landing a part in the movie Trainwreck.

She was invited by director Judd Apatow to sit in for the audition process for other roles. As she loves to learn, she gladly accepted.

She saw many acting hopefuls make mistakes that she had made, and it taught her a lot about what not to do in the future. Many of the people up for parts were either too self-deprecating, tried to tell too many jokes or even forgot lines.


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Many of you may remember Brie Larson from Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World playing the the titular character’s ex girlfriend.

In the movie, she was dating the evil ex of Ramona Flowers, who got supernatural powers from being a vegan. Well, it turns out in real life, Larson is a vegan.

She actually has a habit of cooking for reporters. Her recipes include homemade flax crackers and avocado wedges sprinkled with sea salt. Surprising to find out she’s a vegan, considering her name is “Brie.” Yeah… that joke is kinda cheesy.


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Not only can she fly, shoot photon blasts and rip through a fleet of spaceships, Brie Larson can also sing.

Back in 2005 she released an E.P. called Finally Out of P.E. The title refers to her relief of getting a record deal so she didn’t have to go to physical education classes.

Her Phys. ed teacher somehow didn’t like her. She was used to being the teacher’s pet, so she couldn’t stand the class. Larson actually went on tour with Jesse McCartney, but her EP only sold 3,500 copies.

Her Humanity

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The role of Captain Marvel was obviously a huge part, and one that was hotly contested among several stars in Hollywood.

So out of all of the potential celebrities that could have filled Carol Danver’s boots, what lead Larson to landing it?

According to the architect of the MCU, Kevin Feige, it was her “humanity.” He said that Captain Marvel will be the strongest Avenger in the MCU (so far), so it was important to balance that with her human flaws.


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There’s a lot that goes into making a movie. It’s hard work, but can be a fun process.

What’s Larson’s favorite part? She says it’s the creation of a character, the consultations with the writer and the director.

For example, in the film Don Jon, Larson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt consulted on what Larson’s character would be like day-to-day. Larson figured her character would be “indifferent to anything,” hence the character pushing her food around her plate during dinner scenes. It’s the small details that really sell it.

What Roles Won't She Take?

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Brie Larson struggled for years to get any role she could. Now that she’s made it, she’s much more selective.

She won’t take any part offered to her. In fact, there’s one specific type of role that she turns down immediately.

The key role that she turns down instantly is one that is cliché, such as “the girlfriend,” or  “the pretty girl that waits at home for the guy.” She wants to explore new ideas in films, so won’t portray familiar, hackneyed ideas.

She's Super Humble

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Maybe it was all those years struggling, but now that she’s a star, fame hasn’t changed her much.

She wants to inspire change, but is confused by the magnitude of the platform she now wields due to her success.

Larson noticed this more after her Oscar win. She doesn’t understand why this suddenly making her opinion more valuable, saying “Who cares what I think?” Larson also dislikes interviews for the same reason, thinking of them as a conversation she dominates too much.

She's Also A Director

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So, she can sing and she can act. But is she a triple threat? You bet she is!

She can also direct. Her directorial debut was a film called Unicorn Store, which premiered at TIFF in 2017. She also starred in it.

The premise of the film centers around a young artist who is kicked out of art school and gets a job at a temp agency. The artist then begins to receive magical invitations and learns that she can get a unicorn if she proves herself worthy of it. Sounds awesome, right?