So You Think You’re a Handyman?


Do you watch HGTV and think to yourself, “Oh I could do that, easy”?

Do you know the names of every tool ever and what they do? Do you annoy your friends with your knowledge of all the latest trends?

This is the quiz for you. Find out how much you ACTUALLY know, but just a heads-up… this test is very difficult. We warned you!

  • What is the process of sealing joints by applying a flexible compound or sealant?

    Source : The Spruce
    • caulking
    • trauking
    • cementing
    • silting
  • What name is given to the method of strengthening weak foundations whereby a new, stronger foundation is placed beneath the original using long columns of concrete?

    Source :
    • underpinning
    • leveraging
    • upswinging
    • distancing
  • What is the name given to the circular metal bands combined with a worm gear fixed to one end, designed to hold a soft hose onto a rigid circular pipe?

    Source : Wikipedia
    • jubilee clip
    • oval clip
    • trench clip
    • rotator
  • What is the four-letter name of the tape used to seal threaded plumbing fittings?

    Source : G1 Reeds
    • PTFE tape
    • TPFE tape
    • EFTP tape
    • PPFT tape
  • What name is given to a small-diameter hole drilled to act as a guide for a screw thread?

    Source : wikiHow
    • pilot hole
    • plot hole
    • incision point
    • shaft
  • What name is given to the largest stout post supporting a staircase handrail at the top and bottom?

    Source : Blueprint Joinery
    • newel
    • trauss
    • trewel
    • dewel
  • Which colour is the live wire in a standard British plug?

    Source : wiseGEEK
    • brown
    • blue
    • yellow
  • What’s the three-letter acronym of the steel beam often used to provide support to the floors of houses?

    Source : Diligent Developments
    • RSJ beam
    • JSR beam
    • RJS beam
  • Which registration do individuals need to undertake to work on gas pipes or install gas appliances?

    Source :
    • corgi
    • dorgi
    • porgi
  • What name is given to a type of moulding fixed horizontally to the wall, around the perimeter of a room, and typically 36 inches from the floor?

    Source : House Martin Online
    • dado rail
    • rado Rail
    • mado rail
    • rado rail
  • Which word, from the French “a small compartment”, is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorative effect in flooring?

    Source : Haro
    • parquet
    • parcour
    • plancher
    • tuile
  • What name is given to the triangular portion of a wall between the edges of intersecting roof pitches?

    Source : pinterest
    • gable
    • mable
    • rable
    • pable
  • Which type of saw, similar to a jigsaw, is a type of machine-powered saw in which the cutting action is achieved through a push-and-pull motion of the blade?

    Source : Home Depot
    • a reciprocating saw
    • jigsaw
    • rotating saw
    • precision saw
  • What name is given to the smooth cement finish of a solid floor?

    Source : Homebuilding & Renovating
    • screed
    • filler
    • cement
    • creed
  • MDF is an engineered wood product and stands for: Medium-Density Fibreboard. True or False?

    Source : Addicted 2 Decorating
    • True
    • False
  • What name is given to the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects or other decorative elements?

    Source : wikiHow
    • decoupage
    • entreage
    • sculpting
    • dressing
  • Which type of saw, with a very narrow blade stretched across a D-shaped frame, is used to cut intricate shapes in woodworking?

    Source : Toolstop
    • coping saw
    • design saw
    • precision saw
  • What is the name of the metal plate used to surround a keyhole?

    Source : Toolstation
    • escutcheon
    • It doesn’t have a name.
  • The wedge-shaped depression in the surface of a brick shares its name with what small animal?

    Source : pexels
    • frog
    • dog
    • cat
    • bat
  • Jackhammers, pneumatic drills or demolition hammers are often colloquially known by what name (it’s from a former British brand name)?

    Source :
    • kangos
    • dangos
    • wangos
    • trangos
  • What name is given to an internal, non-supporting wall made from wood battens and covered with plasterboard?

    Source : B&Q
    • stud wall
    • wall stud
    • support frame
    • steady stud
  • In the United States, what is the common word for a tap?

    Source : The Home Depot Canada
    • faucet
    • trinket
  • What is the method of affixing plasterboard to stone or brick walls by means of plasterboard adhesive rather than a stud frame called?

    Source : youtube
    • Dot ‘n’ Dab
    • Dab ‘n’ Dot
    • Dot ‘n’ Dot
    • Dot ‘n Jab
  • The main reason why people renovate is to update or add value to their home. True or False?

    Source : Kilninian
    • True
    • False
  • On average, 50% of homeowners across the country have plans for renovations this year. True or False?

    Source : House Beautiful
    • False
    • True