These DIY-ers Should Have Never Done It Themselves

By psquared - March 11, 2019
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There's an overwhelming sense of satisfaction from accomplishing something all on your own. So it's no wonder that interest in DIY ("do it yourself") projects are on the rise. Besides the fact that the internet is chock full of information and helpful tips to teach and guide us through these projects or how they save a ton of money when you don't have to call a professional, it feels just plain great to do it all on your own. Unfortunately, there are times when you need to recognize your own limitations and realize, "I need an adult." Yeah, you can still make things functional, but only in the loosest of technical terms. Gathered here are instances of people who are creative in their own ways, but they should probably leave the DIY projects to people that actually know what they are doing. Check them out to see exactly what we're talking about.

We've All Been Here

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Let’s start off with something relatable. Haven’t we all been in a situation while cooking where we had to improvise?

Sometimes you can’t remember where you put the lid to the pot, and sometimes you might not even own one.

So you do what you have to in that moment. It’s not the best idea, but it gets the job done. The right move after that is to go out and get the proper equipment. However, not everyone would agree….

Put A Fork In Them

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You call that a knife? This… this is a knife, that’s also somehow a fork.

Is it wrong that we’re kind of impressed by the ingenuity on display here? Actually, yeah, it is totally wrong. We shouldn’t admire this.

We don’t want to enable this type of behavior. Just get a plastic fork, dude. You’re gonna wind up stabbing yourself in the roof of your mouth all because, what? You were too lazy to find a fork or wanted to show off? Not worth it.

They're Gonna Need A Blood Donor After This

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Well, this person found a bunch of plastic forks, but that’s unfortunately the root of the problem.

You always want to shave to make sure you look presentable and not like an unkempt slob. But not like this.

When dragging a sharp metal object across your face and neck, you don’t want the handle and attachment to be structurally unsound. This person is going to wind up with a beard made entirely of blood after this, which is only cool if you’re into death metal.

This Door Stopper Sucks

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Well, this is without a shadow of a doubt the crappiest door stopper in recorded human history.

The point of a door stopper is to make sure the door doesn’t bang into the wall and leave a scuff mark.

What you don’t want is for it to create a suction and hold the door in place permanently. Oh, and you probably also don’t want one that makes the entire room smell like a bathroom. Try again and try harder, please.

Hindsight In This Rear View Is 20/20

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Look, we all know that a lot of auto mechanics aren’t the most trustworthy people on Earth.

They’ll always try to find new “problems” with your vehicle and charge you astronomical rates to fix it, leaving you in crippling debt.

But when it comes to actual issues with your car, maybe leave it to the professionals to repair it. The last thing you need is a poor DIY job done on a ton and a half of steel hurdling down the highway at 70 mph.

Soak It In

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If you think this is a brilliant solution to a problem, then we have a request.

Could you please find the nearest document shredder and shove your driver’s license into it as quickly as possible? We’d appreciate it.

First of all, there’s no way the sponge is going to stay attached for long. Second of all, it’s not going to wipe all the water away, it will only spread it. Lastly, again, please destroy your license, for all of our safety.

Tanks For The Idea

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Thank goodness for duct tape. Is there any problem that this miracle invention can’t solve?

That wasn’t a rhetorical question, by the way. There is a correct answer, and the correct answer is a resounding, “Yes, there are many issues it can’t fix.”

This is one of them. Yeah, maybe the toilet tank won’t fall off the wall, but that isn’t the concern here. The main issue is the exposed tank, which is still super exposed. Please get a plumber.

Hazard Zone

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Mario is a plumber that has bravely struggled and overcome countless obstacles over the decades.

He’s fought through lava, blizzards, underwater and even in space all while fighting an evil army lead by a spiky turtle dragon. And yet…

This is one adventure he wouldn’t dare accept. There aren’t enough 1-Up mushrooms or invincibility stars in the world to have the confidence to think anyone could fix this mess. Best to just move on and pretend this never, ever happened.

Swinging Into Trouble

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Playing on the swings with our friends is a treasured childhood memory for most of us.

Trying to swing higher and higher, and asking for harder and harder pushes to accomplish this goal. It was certainly a thrill.

The thrill came from the potential danger if we were to fall off. Luckily, most swing seats were attached safely. These?… Not so much. We’re not saying these are the worst parents ever for coming up with this, but we’re not NOT saying it either.

Have A Seat

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Couches are expensive and a pain in the behind to move. So getting a new one isn’t a very fun option.

However, when this is the alternative, you realize sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

There is a bright side, here, though. You know how in most couches it’s easy to lose change or the remote? Not the case in this one, since there’s such a gaping hole you can see and reach right into it.